July 28, 2009

Sunday of the Show

Regretfully, the show itself was a real bummer. I am happy I ended being able to get on the Internet at the show site. I should have tried that all along. I uploaded all pictures to my website, but I didn't get the links up until after I got home. Actually, I just finished getting the page set-up. I have updating to do for several websites. (Sorry Janita, I've been trying to figure out why my computer cannot view the pictures you sent me.) Mom's will be finished some time tomorrow for sure. Congrats to her, BTW. Her youngest girl (8 months old) took Reserve Winners Bitch on Saturday!

I have Shaine and Ellie entered in Little Rock's dog show. I hope to have better luck there than we had this past weekend. We may get more pictures, but we will definitely have more video. Terry and I are trying to figure out how we are going to get all four of our dogs plus him, my son, and me to the show without using two different vehicles. In my little car, it may come to be impossible, so we will probably find a baby sitter for Luke. Terry wants to be there to meet the breeder of is future coon hound.

Oh, man... I am so tired. Off to bed for me!

July 25, 2009

Today at the Dog Show

Hello all. I thought I would give every one an update from today's show. First and foremost, I am staying at a Motel 6 here, in Longview, I do NOT recommend to any one. The service is bad, and the people are rude.
The show, however, went as well as could be expected with a naked girl and a boy going up against a few more than nice quality competition. Shaine took his class against two nicer males, which really had me excited, but when he went in against two equally nice males, he was not even given a glance.
Ellie acted as usual. The obnoxious wild girl just prancing and trying to go everywhere simply took her class. That was no feat considering she was the only one who showed. She had competition that did not show. She has grown a little more since I showed her last in Texarkana, but she is still considered naked to the trained eye, lol. Ellie was not entered in tomorrow's competition, but wish Shaine and me luck for tomorrow!

July 13, 2009

Another Exciting Day!

So we practiced agility today, and I actually got video of it. I felt we needed help with our footwork (mine and the pups) so I can figure out how to handle Ellie. She is very sensitive to my body language, and often exaggerates my expressions. I will simply turn my shoulder (so I'm used to) and she'll run to the opposite end of the yard from where I was trying to send her. Ellie is also the fastest of my shelties I have ever worked with, and it is going to be a challenge to get her in shape. Agility and even obedience wise, she really does work like a border collie. Herding is where she shows her sheltie nature. You know the "run around and bark while the sheep run frantically the other direction" nature. Ellie says, "That's the fun part!"
Anyway, the video is up on YouTube. It is about 4 minutes long, and the majority of it is Ellie. Rose is really showing everyone she has potential. I, of course, already knew she had it.
The up and coming shows in the next month and a half ARE for a fact set in stone. I'll give the results when we get back. I can only hope they are good brags.

July 12, 2009


Lately I've been making new friends. It is a possibility I will be getting a bi-blue puppy girl from a kennel I highly respect and admire. If by some miracle she is mine for the taking, I will do my darnedest to travel the 22.5 hours one way by car to pick her up myself. Of course, this is a lot of dreaming, and there are a lot of factors to add into the equation.
I have also been training more in the performance venues, excluding herding. I had to Jerry-Rig three sequence jumps out of cinder blocks and broom sticks. You gotta do what you gotta do to get by. Mom is giving me a set of her weaves that she rarely uses any more. YAY! I also need to buy some wood to make a contact trainer for Ellie. She's been doing well with what little we have to work with. I'll get some video up later, and I'll try to get some pictures. I might need help to do that, but it's worth a shot.... ERIN!!!!! X~D
I have two conformation shows coming up that I will definitely be entering Shaine and Ellie. I also have two agility trials coming up next month, but I think I'll only enter the three-day trial in Ft. Worth. Whether I enter all three days depends on who else will be going. It also depends on if Terry (my wonderful husband) will take off work that Thursday and Friday. I have no obedience trials coming up yet. I'm only training for now. Ellie is ready to get her RN, but I want to perfect it before it is actually put into action.
Luckily, the majority of this blog is set on more than just wishful thinking. :) I WILL be at those shows, darn it.
You know, between this blog and the last, I prefer this one. It actually has a spell check, though it keeps saying conformation is spelled wrong, and it's suggestion is exactly the same. Another thing is I cannot add music to the HTML like I did with the other one. I could add it to a post on ever page. I suppose it's never going to be exactly right.

July 4, 2009


Today was hot. Too hot to do much outside, though we did work a little agility. When I say work a little agility, I mean VERY LITTLE! I did, however, get to take pictures. They are all posing pictures because we had to work to get them. I have them posted to my website, I just need to get a button set on the performance page so people can actually get to it. For now, I will be sure to post a link from the index page until I get it fixed up.


I finished bathing all four dogs last night at about 9:30. My suspicions were right, no one was willing to travel last night to work obedience. That's O.K. Terry bought Luke a pool to play in, and while they played in the pool, I bathed the dogs. It turned into a nice family evening outside in the scorching heat. The dogs do no like the pool, except for Ellie. She's the only one willing to get close enough to drink from, but (like the others) refuse to get in. That's just fine with me, I'd rather not have to bathe more than I have to.
I'll get some pictures today from working agility and stick them up on MySpace and the Performance page later. Have a nice day!

July 3, 2009

The Next Day

My website Editor, Tracie Doss, has told me after looking at other sheltie breeders' websites, she feels I should update mine a little bit and put up pedigrees. I informed her I once had pedigrees listed, but I decided to take them down. I inevitably was convinced to put them back up, but I only did for my show dogs, not the older two. I have actually lost the ones for Rose and Skipper anyway. I could always order them from AKC, but why waste the money on the two I am not going to breed? I'm never going to breed Shaine, but I still put it up anyway in case some one wants to see it.
Have fun, while I bathe dogs today! This evening is supposed to be set aside for Obedience, but we'll see if any one is actually going to be there. Tomorrow we are going to work some agility, and Monday I plan on working obedience with or without every one else. :-)

July 2, 2009

Welcome to the New Blog!

As you can see, I have created a new blog for my web site. You can still have access to my old blog by simply following the link on this post. However, you will not be able to come back here unless you type in the URL address or go back to the main web page. I ended up getting too many problems out of that blog, I decided it was best to change.

I have made a few updates to my website, though they are minuscule. I hope you like the new cursor I have chosen. It is the same one on my myspace, if any one has one and they would like to add me, just follow the link. I know the URL needs to be changed or something. I made it when I was in high school and never had the motivation to cancel and change it. Anyway, the profile is set to private, if you can see it, and you are not on my friends list yet, then I need to have a word with the admin.

I do have high hopes for the future of Anu Shelties! I have a while before I will get another puppy (wink wink), but I have set up plans for future shows. I have a new job, though it isn't exactly where I want to end up in six years, it is a start. I am still hoping I get a different position with a very permissible company. I plan on getting back in college this fall to finish my accounting degree. Wish me luck, I'll need it.