May 24, 2010

Ellie Plays Dead

Earlier this evening, I decided to work with Ellie on some random pet tricks. Not knowing which tricks to start with, I just chose Beg and Stand on Two Legs. When we weren't really getting anywhere, I just decided to give up. While just playing around and scratching her chest, she brought her paw to hug my arm. *DING* Why not teach her to shake? So I worked on Shake and Play Dead. Shake she learned very quickly. I found the "button" I use to teach and remind her to pick up her paw. Play Dead was a little more tricky, and she is still reluctant to work on it. We were able to work on the tricks and put a name to the actions, so that's what we did! :)

Terry and Loretta took the opportunity to work on some obedience (and try out some tricks). After such a short time working and practicing together, this team is really starting to shine. Loretta now knows Sit and Down. She is even learning how to stay. Also, keep in mind, Terry has never attended an obedience class, so the method he is using is from simply watching others teach and natural ability. Of course, Loretta does help him out by being very smart. ;)

Toodles, folks! Have a great night.

May 13, 2010

Windbourne Hello Darlin'

She came in last night. Her call name is Loretta, and she was bred by Dick Myers, Brenda Myers, and Shelley Campbell. Her sire is Ch Windbourne Bently and Dam is CH Windbourne Champagne Girl. She was born November 14, 2009. Tomorrow, she will be 6 months old. Her aunt is Ch Silver Ridge Showtyme at Windbourne (Tess). Tess took BOB at Westminster earlier this year. Terry is SO excited, and I am also excited for him.