October 31, 2010

Karma @ 20 Weeks Old

This evening, I decided to take some pictures of Karma. I'm sorry they are so dark, but my house wasn't built with great lighting....

October 3, 2010

Hot Springs Show Results

We left Saturday morning to get to the show. We got there about a quarter til 10 and we showed a little after 11. We got set-up and I got dressed for show. My nerves were starting to kick in because I just knew we weren't going to do great. Ellie really pulled us together, took a 94 and 4th place. We got done showing (I'm ecstatic!), and I bought more ear tape and speed sew from a vendor at the show. Let's say since the speed sew, the score stands at Karma's ears 4: me 1! :) We checked in at the Econo Lodge, and it is NOT some where I recommend going to. FIRST, the door wouldn't shut. It would lock, but not actually close. You could push it open without touching the nob. Yeah... Bad...

Once that was fixed, we went to eat at Colton's Steakhouse and Grill. This was truly the best experienced I have ever had at a steakhouse. Tracie (the friend I borrowed for the weekend) ordered some kind of pasta. It looked good, but I was too interested in steak for celebrating Ellie's achievement, so I ordered the 12 oz sirloin (with a salad and steamed veggies). The ranch dressing tastes house made. If it's not, I will really be surprised. The rolls were so nice and hot when they were brought to the table with the best honey butter. YUM!

Went to the hotel and slept. No... I didn't sleep well. The bed was too hard, there was a cigarette burn in my blanket, and the A/C didn't work well. Let's put it this way... I had the unit on all night (started the afternoon before) full blast on it's coldest setting. I had to go out about 5:00 in the morning to potty Ellie and Karma. It was at MOST 55 degrees F. It was nice and WARM in the room. The A/C was still on... It was on because during the day, it was pretty warm. Probably in the 80s.

Woke up the next morning at 7:30 with back pains, I even mentioned my issues to some one in the lobby of how low the standards are for such a community that survives on tourism in front of the receptionist. They allowed an obviously low standard man walk in the lobby BAREFOOT with swimming trunks and horrible hygene. The man actually had the audacity to stare at me when I mentioned the word "bitch" to some one who was also a member of the dog show world speaking of the point scale system. REALLY? ::shivers::

We had the same judge as we did yesterday, and she put up a little bit harder of a course for us. Ellie surprised me again with a score of 93 and 4th place. I'm so proud of her! :) On our way home we stopped at Lake De Gray to get a few scenic pictures with the blues. It was hard work, but we took a few I'm proud of. :) Thanks, Tracie, for your help. I couldn't have had such a smooth weekend without you! <3