June 30, 2012

Puppies (3 days old)

I am sorry to say Jinx took a turn for the worse and passed to Rainbow Bridge today.  We had a good fight, but there is no suffering for her now.  She will greatly be missed.

Enough of the bad, in with the good.

The five boys are doing very well.  I took their weights and have compared them to yesterday's.

                                         Yesterday                                    Today

Duke (blue merle)              7.5oz                                            8.3oz
Split-Face Merle                5.6oz                                            6.1oz
Freckles (blue merle)         7.3oz                                            8.4oz
Bi-Black Boy                     5.6oz                                            6.3oz
Tri Boy                               9.5oz                                          10.2oz

Everyone has gained, with a couple of cute pictures to boot.

The Fantastic 5

Freckles with his close-up 


 Tri Boy

Duke's rear

Big Tri Boy

June 29, 2012

Puppies (2 days old)

The puppies are here! The puppies are here! Thank God almighty, the puppies are here!  :)  We have six beautiful puppies: 5 boys and 1 girl.  So far, only two have names: Jinx (the tri girl) and Duke (biggest blue).  There is also a bi black boy, two other blue merle boys, and a big tri boy.  Enjoy the pictures and updates as they grow!

The Boys

Smaller Blue Merle Boy

Big Tri Boy

Split-Face Blue Merle Boy


Little Bi-Black Boy

Jinx (Tri Girl)

June 19, 2012


The moment is getting closer where little pitter patter paws will be running the halls.  Two weeks from today is Ellie's first due date, and we are excited!  Getting everything together everything is just as much exciting as nerve-racking.  I can feel the little buggers poking at their mommy's tummy, and their repositioning to get more comfy.  We still don't know how many, and we obviously don't know what colors yet, but I am confident we will get exactly what we need. 

June 3, 2012

It's a sad weekend indeed

I woke up on Saturday morning to find Skipper had passed in the night.  I haven't been able to think of much else, but thanks to my friends Erin and Ashley, I have been able to cope well.  My parents were kind enough to take the kids for the weekend, and Terry is a great supporter. Even though he had surgery Friday, he has been doing so much to help me through the tough parts.

My family and friends are the best I could ever ask for, and all I can say is thank you everyone for all your well wishes, condolences, and love.