January 3, 2010


I forgot to mention that when I was at the Dallas dog show last December, I had professional pictures taken of Ellie and Shaine. I have made arrangements to get these pictures big enough to hang in my living room. They are going to be EXCELLENT additions to my already pet-friendly home. I can't WAIT to get them in! X~D

I hope my next puppy is a Bi-Black or a Tri. I bet it's more likely I'll be getting a Tri out of Ellie. I guess we'll see when we get to that point, right? :)

Later Today?

I stayed up until 2:00 this morning cleaning up my living and dining areas. They really look great! Rearranging again does help keep me and my cleaning on it's toes. If I don't, I'll never get it done, but for some reason, I only get company when it's in a horrible mess.

Some one is brining her sheltie (Fluffy) over tomorrow so I can teach her how to tip Fluffy's ears. Fluffy is her newer puppy she got for Christmas (yes she knows why that's not good) from her sister. Her sister doesn't know what she went through when she bought Smudge, not knowing at the time he came from a puppymill. I would bet Fluffy came from a puppymill as well.

The point of that story is She and Fluffy is the main reason I was up cleaning. Terry decided to get a little tipsy before bed, so he went to bed early. The vacuum didn't even wake him. Thankfully, neither the shelties nor the collies started barking when the "sucker" started up. Ellie starts the riot by standing at the front-lines. Shaine and Skipper are the back-up, and Rose uses strategy to stay away, though barking at it never hurts.

Mom bought me two new wire 200 crates that I LOVE! They are lightweight, and I bought two crate mats to go in them, too. I recently bought two used 100 crates (soft and wire) for my future puppy, along with a used 200 wire. Just planning ahead is all. I bought all three for $60, and last month I bought three used 400 plastic crates for the collies. The price ($70) wasn't bad. They are very durable, and the collies aren't destructive at all. In fact, they use it as their "safe house" or "napping den."

I'm so excited to get started in Obedience work with Shaine and Ellie. It's going to be so much fun! Plus, Erin and I need to speak with the herding lady so we can get back to practices. I miss them.