August 21, 2010

Karma's Page Updates

I put up the training video on Karma's page, and I semi-fixed Karma's logo on the girls' page. I want to build some puppy training equipment to start Karma on in agility. This equipment isn't to teach her the obstacles. The goal is to teach her patience, to listen, and give her an idea of what "contacts" are. I may just lay bars on the ground and let her hop over them when she wants so she doesn't have to be taught too much when she starts actual "hard-core" training.

It's too hot to actually train in agility, but I do need to get out once in a while for about 10 minutes with each Ellie and Shaine to get them started back. I would really like to enter Shaine in the Shreveport trial the first weekend of December. I would also like to enter Ellie at the nationals in April. That's a good goal, though I'm not sure how far we'll get with it considering she's supposed to have a litter of puppies in March.

August 20, 2010

Karma's Training Progress and such

Karma has really come into her own since she has been here at Anu. She is so smart, willing, and eager that it is just a sinch to teach her anything. Of course, her love for Pup-Peroni is a plus as well. :)

She is really going to be outstanding in agility and obedience. I wish herding was easier to get to than what it is. Then I would be hoping to do that too, but it's going to be almost overwhelming to get her ring ready for Obed, Agility, & Conformation at once. Given, there's about a year's difference between her starting conformation and starting any performance...

I am not able to get PhotoShop back on the computer, thanks to a scratched CD. When we buy a new computer, we're either going to buy the program or make sure the computer already has it and video editing software attached. Maybe even wireless Internet access so I can upload at the nationals? We'll see. Where was I going with this? Basically, that's why the font size doesn't match on the girls' page. There's no way to compare and measure... And I'm pretty much just giving up on that for now. It looks great the way it is.

Have a great night every one! :)

August 14, 2010

Karma has arrived!

Turned out we didn't go to Little Rock for the show. Instead, we brought home a beautiful bi blue girl with beautiful blue eyes. Karma (Lacewood Bi Fate) has come to Texas from Tricia Harris of Lacewood Shelties. She is out of Ch Lacewood The Star Maker and Akadia Poetry Bi Moonlight. She turned 9 weeks old two days ago, and is the most beautiful little girl. She has a beautiful head and a gorgeous structure. She is learning the ropes of the pack, though she seems to have fit in very easily. It seems the one she is most fond of is Ellie. Maybe because they have similar color patterns, or that Ellie is the Alpha. Her attitude is what I expected, and she isn't even phased by my 2 year old son running around the house.