March 27, 2010


Today was Ellie's 2ND Birthday. I cleaned up the house when I got home from work, then went straight to fixing an extensive dinner. We had two guests, my mom and Erin. Erin helped cook (mostly cooking ) and Terry bought a cake.

Above is a picture of Ellie's cake.

It was short notice, and it was basically that or iCarly. I did get one picture of Ellie with her piece of cake, but it came out blurry. I hope to get better pictures from Erin (she was kind enough to bring her camera). Don't worry, it was vanilla cake with a butter cream icing, and it was tasty.

On another note, Ellie has been doing very well in her obedience training. We are taking the next month off, but we will be starting back up in May. We have a couple of private lessons lined up in April that I need to save up for. Who knows, I may be showing Ellie AND Shaine in Agility AND Obedience next year at the 2011 American Shetland Sheepdog Association National

Good night all!

March 5, 2010

Jessica & Smudge, Jennifer & Ellie

WHEW! Training night was fun! But the drive was exhausting. Smudge had fun, though I was very surprised when the instructor put a prong collar on him. IMO, I wouldn't have put a collar like that on such a timid dog. I would have tried for a martingale style collar before a prong. If she would have put one on ANYONE, I would think it to be Ellie. SHE WAS NUTS! She couldn't keep still, and the instructor insisted it was Trip (I think that's what his name is) all over again. I don't know what Trip is, I never met him, and I didn't want to ask. I was afraid she would say he's a border collie. HAHA! I always said Ellie is the BC of the Shelties. We worked on healing, sits, 360 degree rights and lefts, as well as figure eights and stays.

Jessica and I both kept getting confused with our right and left. I did it first, then Jessica followed suit cause I was in front of her for the most part. I HAD SO MUCH FUN!!!!! I will definitely be going back. Well, duh... I did pay for the full four week class. I'll probably have to keep Ellie in for a couple more months before we can get "control" to set in. (X-D)

I hope to be able to start Ellie in Agility soon. I'm probably going to go up every other Sunday (starting probably in April) to Tyler and take private lessons with Terri. I need to get Shaine some training so we can hit some agility competitions in the fall. I really want to get the training started before it gets hot hot hot!

Anyway, Terry and I are looking around for a van or Suburban. The Suburban is the biggest SUV, but it has HORRIBLE gas mileage. I'd be happy with just a minivan. It's not like his B&T coonhounds will need much show equipment. Maybe just a table, and he'll probably be able to use the same stuff I have (of course not as much). However, we do need the room to get them up there in the first place.

Besides, my goal is to have Ellie's CD, RN, NA, and NAJ before her first litter next spring. I also need to get Ellie's testing done. I have the MDR1 test kit already, and I am in the midst of ordering a vWD test kit. Then my plans are to get her OFA done next month, then get her thyroid tested in May. By June, Texarkana's show has a CERF clinic. WOOT! It all falls into place. I think Darlene and I have already chosen a stud, but until everything is confirmed, I don't want to curse it by posting it. ;)

New update with training next week!