September 12, 2011

OFA. Update and. Litter Plans

As told on the Puppies page on my website, Ellie is going to be bred to Ch Belmark Lo and Behold. The litter is expected in December, and I have some high hopes, but I am pretty easy go please, so maybe that doesn't say much. ;-)
Ellie was taken to the vet today, and x-rays were taken of her her hips and elbows and sent to OFA. Dr said they look good, so I am excited. I don't know how long it takes to get the official results, but maybe it won't take longer than a week or two. Excited to the MAX!

June 7, 2011

Hello Again

I can't believe it has been six months since our last update! Don't worry, you haven't missed much. There hasn't been anything outside the family happen. Luke is doing well with potty training, he actually pooped in the potty today. Terra is on the verge of knowing she can follow the dogs around. She hasn't quite gotten there yet, but she's working on it. I have decided that conformation will be put on the back burner to agility for a while. I really want to get back to showing in agility, I miss it so. My heart lies with with agility, so it seems justified to do so. I'M JONESING FOR AGILITY!!!! I am excited to get Ellie in agility. I think she will be my MACH, if anyone I train will do it, she will. She has the need for speed kind of mentality about her. UGH! I love it. :)