June 6, 2010

The Weekend

Yesterday and today went well. Last night, Luke stayed with Nana Dee, and Terry and I took Ellie, Shaine, and Loretta to Bringle Lake Park to work on some obedience. Ellie is perfecting her newly taught tricks and so we added in beg. We were also perfecting stay, heel, and recall. Terry really needed to work on Loretta to focus. Since she's a scent hound, she insisted her nose came attached to the ground. No... We fixed that before the end of the night. Terry was very impressed with my work. :)

Today we took Luke to see his PawPaw. PawPaw's girlfriend (MawMaw Linda) had recently added a new family member to her household. This little 7 week old wonder is named Pickles, and Pickles is an Aussie mix. She is a real cutie, and very sweet. She fell in love with Luke at first site (making me want an Aussie but we aren't getting into that right now).

After our visit with Linda, we had to pick up some dog food. TOTW is only found at Tractor Supply, so we had to get there before they closed. We bought all the dogs a bone. When we FINALLY got back home, we ended up relaxing, watching Big Fat Liar with Luke, and watching the dogs attack their bones. We hope Tuesday will be a good practice for conformation with Loretta. Erin (Shaine's newly-named handler) needs to practice with Shaine and Zen, so I hope we can make it out. Ellie needs to dust some of her skills off as we haven't worked with her since earlier this year.

Ellie's eyes will be CERF'd at our local show. YAY! That will be ONE less genetic test I will need to worry about. I hope to get the others before her next heat cycle. We may have puppies feet running around either the end of this year or beginning of next (depending on when she decides to come in heat). If I am lucky, I will be having another sheltie addition in the next couple of months. There are three potential litters to get a puppy from, so my fingers are crossed. ;)