August 28, 2009

New: Jewelry

Darlene Edwards, my sister-in-law, has me hooked on beading jewelry. The problem is we are making too many things for us to know what to do with so we decided to sell them. We are going to get a new order of beads in a couple of weeks so we will have more products up. I should be able to reproduce anything that is on my jewelry page, as long as we can find the beads. If you are interested in ordering, tell me if you want a necklace, bracelet, anklet, or earrings, and I need a measurement of how big it needs to be.
We will soon have charm bracelets available, and samples will be pictured. Jewelry ranges between $5.00 and $25.00.

August 24, 2009

Yesterday's Training Session & Other Stuff

I have been slacking on updating my own website, so let me give an update of what has been going on since then. First, my good friend and website editor looked over my website, and fixed it to sound better. She also made sure all words were spelled correctly. Lord knows I have horrible spelling, but at least I have it checked. I also have a video up of Shaine and Ellie working agility yesterday. We were working on a little distance, go-out, and switch back. It was Ellie's first time to jump 16", so she was a little hesitant to try it, but she did well. Now we need to work on consistency. What we really need is to get her in an agility class, but we are going to have to wait until fall to get into it so it's cool enough. I may as well get Shaine in it too so we can get our kinks worked out. He's confident in the video, but if you see in the December Paw Prints trial, you'd see he's not as confident anywhere else. I also need to buy a set of jumps to travel everywhere with to practice. Soon.

I recently bought a wooden tack box. I expect it to be here in about a week's time. I also bought some Brown Sugar Baby powder, though I haven't gotten any information on the transaction going through...


August 14, 2009

Drug Detection

Ellie just keeps amazing me every time I turn around. We went to the park today to work on her on-lead behavior as well as let Luke walk around and play on the swings. As soon as we parked the car and rolled the windows down, Ellie started just acting WEIRD. She had never done anything like that before. She was just anxious and wouldn't sit still. At first, I thought it was just the kids running around and sliding on the play sets. I was just trying to comfort her and move on. We got to a really small stone bridge that runs over a three-foot wide creek, and Ellie would not stop spinning. I just ignored her for a moment and took a look around to see what might be setting her off. I saw by the creek, a small black bag hidden in plain sight behind a tree, and about a hundred feet away sat some guy in an old rugged car. He was just sitting there. I knew whatever was in that bag was making Ellie go CRAZY. I pretended there was nothing of it, comforted Ellie, and tried to act normally. I let Luke play on the swings for a couple of minutes, then we got out of there. As soon as I started leaving, I called the police to report a suspicious bag. I didn't hang around to figure out what it was or what was in it, but I talked to Mom, and she said it was probably a drug drop. DUH! That would be a good reason to make Ellie act so strangely. Maybe I should get Ellie into tracking... I LOVE ELLIE! I praised and praised her when we got in the car and back home.

Just A Quick Update...

to let everyone know Darlene (co-owner of Ellie) and I have decided to take a break from conformation with Ellie. She needs to mature a little bit with a little more training before she is ring ready. We'll also be working with her on free-stacking. Of course, we are also going to focus on agility and obedience work. It should help our conformation training by toning her muscles.

August 10, 2009

Great weekend! Mostly...

So Terry went with me so he could meet his coonhound breeder. Regretfully, she never drove in because her A/C went out. Terry was bummed, but then Sunday rolls around and Shaine takes WD! I was so glad Terry was there to see us win. He was so proud of Shaine, and I am still proud of him. The judge was a funny one while we were waiting for pictures. He was making jokes and picking on the winners of groups. I can't wait to get the pictures in and have them uploaded on the Internet! I'm so excited because he looked the best he ever has, and I received so many compliments of how beautiful he is.
I also have a couple of people on a puppy waiting list. They have been researching shelties for about nine months, and the most information she was given was by me at that show. I introduced her to a couple of breeders, but she insists she wants a blue merle. Ellie was the only blue merle there, so she didn't exactly have any other options. If she e-mails me and asks for another breeder that has AOAC puppies on the ground, I would recommend her to a couple I know of right now. She only wants one for pet, and I'm just not certain I'll have anything she is looking for. Ellie's puppies are going to be high strung (no doubt) and will probably have to be placed in performance homes.
We have high standards set for Shaine in Future shows!

August 5, 2009

Visit New Website!

So I am at a stopping point for Janita's website ( GO SEE IT! It took almost all day for me to get to this point. There are still some pages that need to be worked on, but that's up to Janita. When she gets me the rest, the rest will be available to view. YAY! I'm excited. I also enjoy comments (if any) because I tend to get bored during the days of summer.

You may look at my updates and see I updated my own website today, but not realize what exactly I changed. The main thing I have changed is music and the labels for any one who was listed on my website that has titles at the end of his (yep, all guys) names.

Lucas says, "Hello." He's grabbing the keyboard from me. Anyway, enjoy the updates I have provided, and I'll probably see some of my audience at the show this weekend. :)