September 27, 2009

New Products!

JEWELRY! I have uploaded more jewelry for sale. If you are looking to buy, the Jewelry page has a list of prices for each peice that is listed for sale. These works of art are unique and one-of-a-kind you will find no where else! If you want to buy something, DON'T wait. More than likely, I will never have another peice like it available. The penguin bracelets can be duplicated in almost every color, so if you are wanting one in a specific color, let me know! There will always be more to come! :~)

September 11, 2009


We have had a pretty good month so far. The pups are doing well, and it seems the dogs are getting more and more active every day. We have a couple of guests here for a while. Their names are Lizzy and Robby. Lizzy and Robby are very sweet collies who love a good petting, like other dogs, and love my boy (Lucas). They mostly like to take naps since they are both over ten years old.

Well, we'll update more later. Today I am going to Darlene's to order some beads.