April 17, 2016

I'm sure you have noticed....

I'm sure you have noticed the website, or lack thereof.  I decided since I am not planning any breedings, buying new pups, training, or competing in anything dog at the moment, I have decided to completely get rid of my website.  It was a waste of money, so I'm down to just my blog.  It will likely rarely be updated, even less than it is now, unless something happens I just HAVE to share, but that's what FB is for.  Everyone I own is a pet, and they are loving the farm life.  Freckles often helps me with herding the ducks into their pen and herding the chickens out of the yard.  Poppet is the perfect foot warmer at night.  Karma makes a great shadow, and Shaine is just Shaine.  He doesn't act like he's 11 years old.  Loretta is a sweet heart, but there's not much on the farm for her, so she's just a pretty ornament for now.  
That's all for now.  Some other time!